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Travelling and betting – short guide

People who bet on sports don’t take breaks when they go on vacation. Sports federations don’t arrange fixtures according to your schedule. That’s why you have to be prepared in case you want to not miss a bet during your upcoming holiday.

The safest way to bet abroad is through your favourite online sports bookmaker. It doesn’t matter where you are, all you need is an internet connection. Besides, you can benefit from awesome exclusive online bonuses. Let us teach you how it’s done.

Bet online

You might have no problems betting on sports in the UK but if you travel to a place like Congo, things get a bit more complicated. The government of some countries blocks gambling and sports betting websites that don’t have a license for that particular territory. As a consequence, you won’t be able to place a bet.

There are several types of betting markets:

  • Licensed unrestricted – betting companies must have a license and must adhere to gambling and tax laws; chances are you can use your domestic account abroad as long as the site is licensed there.
  • Licensed restricted – you most likely can’t access your domestic account abroad.
  • Regulated – gambling laws exist but the government doesn’t license operators directly, meaning that betting operators It is the client’s obligation to check if he’s breaking any laws by betting online.
  • Unregulated – there are no laws that cover online betting. This means it’s up to the operator whether it allows users from that region or not. However, you should understand that there are no laws that protect the consumer either. You are on your own if something goes wrong.
  • Illegal – there are heavy restrictions or the activity is bluntly illegal. There are still ways around it, such as using a VPN, but you are doing it on your own risk. If the bookmaker catches you, you forfeit any winnings and your account is terminated. This is a condition usually found in the ToS you agree to before signing up. Also, if the government catches you, you are subject to a fine or worse, depending on local laws.

That being said, check the following:

  • Is online betting legal in that country?
  • Do they block certain betting sites?
  • Does your favourite online bookmaker accept users who live in that country?

Best bookmakers for betting abroad

Here you should look for huge betting companies that expanded worldwide. Bet365, Coral, Ladbrokes and William Hill are great examples of sports betting giants. You could also take a look at 888 Sport, Betfair and Unibet.


Now, what if you actually go to a place like Congo and you can’t bet online? There’s the option of going to a physical bet shop. Even Congo should have at least one of those. Now, no one guarantees you will be able to bet on the game you want, but chances are that if offline betting is not banned, you will find a betting shop. The other option is to place your bets in advance if possible. This saves you from all the hassle.

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