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Motorsports in Malta

One of the most popular forms of entertainment for sports enthusiasts in Malta are motorsport events. It’s pretty hard to explain the level of interest the Maltese have in this type of sport, which is extremely high though, and you can’t imagine how much they enjoy watching it every day. You can find out more about it in the text below.

A Wide Range of Possibilities in the Motorsport Industry

People often choose Malta over other countries when planning their holiday, and the Maltese history is for sure among the most interesting ones out there. Speaking about contests that are related to motorsports, Malta offers many possibilities for the fans of this sport, too.

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Motorsports industry in Malta really offers a wide range of motorsport races and events. The most popular motorsport categories in this country are a Drag race, Drifting, Hill Climb and Sprint, and a Kart race. We will also mention an increasingly popular Motorcross race, all along with other different motorsport disciplines.

Besides numerous types of motorsport events that you can find all over the place, Malta also provides fantastic potential when it comes to planning future projects that are related to this industry. For that purpose, the Government of Malta is developing a car racing track that will be between 2–2.7 km long, and this track would also satisfy minimum international standards to hold Formula 3 races.

The Country That Holds a Race for the Ladies!

When we speak about motorsport activities in Malta, we can’t miss the opportunity to point out the brand new motorsport event that is about to be established. Here we are talking about motorsport event that comes within Assocjazzjoni Sport Muturi, and the newest type of race within this organization that is called the Ladies Demolition Derby.

The Demolition derby is a unique type of motorsport racing event where only male drivers take part in the competition. This type of race is one of the most popular ones in the country, and this year brings some changes in the concept of the race.

In 2019, women took part in this glorious Maltese race for the first time, and this trend will certainly spread in the future since the purpose is further inclusion of women in motorsports.


The brand new Ladies Demolition Derby is just one example of how serious Maltese people’s approach to the motorsport industry is, and you can hardly find a country in the world that shows more interest toward this sport.

If you are one of those people who enjoy various kinds of racing events, and you want to find out more about some of those unique types of motorsport races, Malta definitely is a great ally for your enthusiasm.

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