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5 Kinds of Sports Fans

In Malta, as all over the globe, sports is an immortal topic, like economy or politics – it is simply something people truly love to argue about. Every person might enjoy sports in their own unique way. Some people prefer bonus offers for betting on their favorite sports online, while others put on war paint and cheer their team on. Today, we will talk about the five typical categories of fans you may encounter not only in Malta but the rest of the world as well. We hope you enjoy the list and find it humorous and/or informative.

The Silent Observer

The most common sports fan is also the most unassuming. You are likely to find a person like this in front of their TV set, not even commenting on the action on the pitch. They are not easily rattled and will listen to your opinion patiently, without getting into arguments. These sports fans rarely cheer on a single athlete or a team – they just love to watch sports for the sake of sports. In fact, as weird as it might sound, a few Silent Observers may even wait until the major event is over so that they can watch a rerun in peace.

The Veteran

The Veteran usually refers to old games, matches, and athletes on a constant basis. So what if the commentator announced that that was the most beautiful penalty shot in history? Shows what he knows. Why, when the Veteran was but a child, there were tons of shots like that and even better, made by Obscure Name, Made-up Name, Hard-to-Pronounce Name, and One Legitimate Legend. The Veteran prefers talking over watching the games, often citing their age and experience as a valid point of an argument.

The Local Team Supporter

Lucky charms, beer, snacks, and/or sports memorabilia can often be found in the LTS’s dwelling. They do not care about the score when their team loses and they are loyal to the core. Fans like this will often see themselves as a part of a team. Nothing is a bigger thrill for the Local team Supporter than to follow their team around, preferably in the front seat as they play matches. The only potential downside of this fan’s enthusiasm can be the repetitions of the team’s legendary exploits in the past.

The Expert

Given time, the Expert evolves into the Veteran. They know the stats, they have followed the history, and they admire the dedication of loyal fans, though they sometimes see it as amusing. While they do have their preferred team, they will be more than happy to give you their take on the subject and the outcome of the latest event. When confronted by the Expert, the Silent Observer tries to scurry away, the Veteran scoffs, and the Local team Supporter might get red in the face or gain a new best friend, depending on what team the Expert believes will win.

The Hooligan

Sadly, even Malta is not immune to this type of person, though it is relatively rare to find one here, especially when you compare Malta to the rest of the world. Essentially, the Hooligan doesn’t really care about the sport. They will watch a game or two with their friends, but they thrive in fighting not only other football hooligans but regular fans as well. Luckily for the Maltese and their visitors, the only incidents in recent years were sparked by visiting teams and not the local populace. In other words, you will most likely not encounter a Hooligan in Malta, unless you bring one yourself.

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